This is me
Hi, thanks for trying to find out more about me 🙂 In my free time, I like to read a lot, play video games, hang out with my friends and family and endlessly cuddle and feed my cats!
I also usually have at least one maaaajor project on the side... so get in touch to see what I'm up to.
Work work

I try to take life with a smile, and make everything a fun and silly game. But when it comes to work, I put my heart into it and try my best to be focused, dedicated and professional. I am really good at keeping track of projects, and delivering everything on time as promised.

My day to day job is as a designer in a design agency called emondo design, where I do the majority of my designing and a ton of other management stuff as well. This includes client communication and handing off designs to developers or printing companies. I run the company website and social media too!

Other than freelancing and working, I also work as an instructor at the Algebra University college. There I have the opportunity to work with wonderful people and meet students who have a stellar future ahead of them.
I also co-organize official Sketch meetups that gather and enrich the design community in Zagreb.

I am a UX designer, with a high skill set in graphic design for print as well. I mostly work on digital design, mobile and web applications, but sometimes I work on graphic design such as visual identity creation, posters, banners and more.
Along with everything I know, I constantly learn new stuff and broaden my skillset. I had projects where I needed to create a video, do some photography and one even required me to write a textbook about the basic principles of design.
If that isn't enough, I really enjoy managing projects and tracking if everything is being done on time, while coordinating multiple people.
Graphic design
Project management