This is me
Hi, thanks for trying to find out more about me 🙂 In my free time, I like to read a lot, play video games, hang out with my friends and family and endlessly cuddle and feed my cats!

I also usually have at least one maaaajor project on the side... so get in touch to see what I'm up to.

Work work

I try to take life with a smile and make everything fun and a silly game. But when it comes to work, I put my heart into it and try my best to be focused, dedicated and professional. I am really good at keeping track of projects, team members and making sure everything is delivered on time.

Currently, I am working as a freelance professional, using my skills in my own company called Burra. My area of expertise is product design and design leadership.

I also teach as an instructor at Algebra University College and mentor at Designlab.

Other than that, I organize the official Sketch meetups that gather and enrich the design community in Zagreb and the rest of the world since they have been online lately!

If all of that isn’t enough, I co-host a podcast called Design Party.

I am a product designer with a high skill set in leadership. I primarily work on mobile products but have had experience with desktop-based projects as well. My career took me through various industries, but for the past couple of years, I have been working in Fintech and coming to realize I love it here.

To make sure my skills are on point, I value education a lot. For that reason, I am NNg certified, and shortly, I hope to get an MBA to cover my business knowledge.