emondo design
My pride, joy and a passion project that took two years. Emondo design is my company and ever since I worked here, it has been visually tumbled, dried and rewashed. Figuratively speaking of course 🙂
Emondo needed a new website, so I did the full process for the first time then we somewhat halted at a 90% finished website, and it stood like that for a year. The redesign was a bit more interesting and thanks to my boss, I had fully unleashed hands.

You can visit emondo here!

Project focus
As mentioned before, there were two design stages. The first one was more meticulous from the UX side, while the second one was a visual overhaul. Luckily, there were a year and a half between the two stages, so my skills improved and the project ended up better.
Emondo designs website is intended as a landing page for a design studio, with a few sections, but most importantly - with a heavy emphasis on articles and knowledge sharing.
Considering how extensive this project was, I started with paper wireframes, paper prototypes, persona creation, and the usual UX jazz. After that, the UI part became a bit more interesting. Considering my freedom, I managed to experiment a bit more with interactions, so I designed a button animation and animated it in Principle, After Effects and even partially coded it on codepen!
That was only the beginning. The main screen animations were even more difficult because I had an idea which turned out to be impossible to create with the functionality of wordpress. I began with Principle animations, moved to After Effects and Lottie, then did some experimenting with Animator (previously called Haiku) and some other programs. The end result is very satisfying and it brings me joy to work with.
After everything was developed, I am in charge to administrate the website, and write new articles for it frequently.
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