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I co-organize the official Sketch meetups in Zagreb, and for a workshop, we needed a project. Many many calls later, I ended up talking with Lina from iLab. They work with children that have atypical development. That includes anything that is not typical for example autism, Down syndrome, various dysfunctions, etc. They had a project semi-developed, but it did not have a design. That is where I came along perfectly!
Project focus
The main element of this project was the need to design for a very specific audience. Before even attempting the design, I had several meetings with Lina and people involved with creating the content of the app. That way, I grasped what was important and how simple the app had to be. Lina was also very kind to share with me some of their video materials so I could observe how kids interacted with their surroundings naturally. The videos showed the attention span the kids had, and that was a huge eye-opener and something that needed to be kept in mind while designing.
This project was entirely made in Figma. This was due to the developer being a PC user so the collaboration was needed.
User testing was done in Figma with multiple files and then opened on a mobile phone. The user testing consisted of A/B tests on different designs, and a preferential test for the main category menu with three different options.
The handoff was done in Figma as well, with communication with the developer, and detailed annotations.
Testing on users
Final design
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