As with every other project - this one started small as well. With the need for just a logo, it slowly grew into a project with full branding, website, and other supporting materials. Since it grew organically, I never really had an idea how big the project is until I started this portfolio piece 🙂

With a little help of bootstrap, I coded the website myself. You can visit it here!

Project focus
Wellprex is an international company that deals with chemicals and other oil mixtures. The initial brief stated that their new branding and visual identity should be modern, yet strong and assuring. The end result is inspired by a chemical symbol, which reflects their strong background in chemistry knowledge.
This project was quite multidisciplinary. It started with logo design, moved on to the whole branding including business cards and a memorandum template. Later on, I created a brochure and a proposition for a company stamp.
In the digital part, I coded the static website myself using Bootstrap (regular HTML and CSS with some javascript), which I am pretty proud of! I also take care of the content and edit when needed. Among other things that were done, I also created a powerpoint presentation template.
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